Thursday Jul 25, 2024

Victor Crowley’s Hatchet: Midnight Murders #1

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Victor Crowley’s Hatchet: Midnight Murders #1

Victor Crowley returns in ‘Hatchet: Midnight Murders,’ a new three-part series from American Mythology. It’s 1985 and the Mardi Gras scene is at the height of its annual debauchery. But amidst the booze and hedonism, people are disappearing at an alarming rate. Is there a serial killer in the Bayou to blame for the wanton bloodletting or something even more sinister? Sharpen your axes and prepare for a blood-soaked battle in the heart of the swamp in a series written by Willy’s Wonderland creator G.O. Parsons and Freddy Vs Jason Vs Ash scribe James Kuhoric!

Cover B Buz Hasson Variant

Cover C Gerardo Gambone Variant

Cover D Puis Calzada Variant


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