Wednesday May 22, 2024

Peepshow #15

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Peepshow #15

When cartoonist Joe Matt unexpectedly passed away in 2023 at the age of sixty, it appeared that any hope of seeing new work from the master cartoonist would die with him. Matt, notoriously slow, had been working on a new issue for 17 years – since the previous issue was published in 2006. After his death, it was discovered that the entire issue was complete aside from four uninked pages. Thanks to Matt’s cartoonist friends, Peepshow #15 will finally see print, and it’s an event worthy of celebration. The issue is quintessential Matt, as if he had never left us: utterly shameless, completely self-absorbed, crafted with an exhibitionist’s enthusiasm for his favorite subject, himself. Detailing his move to Los Angeles in 2003—”trapped in a world he never made!”—to pursue an ill-fated HBO series. Peepshow #15 is Joe Matt at his Joe Mattiest.


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