Wednesday May 22, 2024

Jack Kirby Collector #91

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Jack Kirby Collector #91

For its 30th anniversary issue, the Jack Kirby Collector pulls out all the stops for a celebration of Kirby’s Greatest Victories! We cover all the major triumphs, from Jack getting the girl (wife Roz Kirby) and scoring early hits with Captain America and Boy Commandos, surviving WWII combat (and helping defeat Hitler!), and unprecedented success with pioneering romance comics, to launching Captain Victory and the direct market, resolving his original art battle with Marvel Comics, and posthumously winning credit at Marvel in 2014-which is the culmination of what the Kirby Collector was all about from its beginning in September 1994! There’s also Mark Evanier and our regular columnists, a colossal gallery of Kirby’s winningest pencil art, a never-reprinted Simon & Kirby story, and a pat on the back to TwoMorrows’ own victories in helping spread the word about the King of Comics! With a Kirby self-portrait cover inked by Vince Colletta.


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