Thursday Jul 25, 2024

Grimnight Room :: Whispers from the Voyage #1

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Grimnight Room :: Whispers from the Voyage #1

“Whispers from the Voyage” series continues with “Grimnight Room,” a standalone nightmare that will make you question your reality.

The malevolent machinations of the Harvester and Feaster continue to bleed into our stories, as “Grimnight Room” twists a beloved 1947 children’s classic into an unnerving reflection of their looming terror. Even the most innocent corners of our world aren’t safe.

A haunting homage, “Grimnight Room” pulls the “When We Were The Voyage” universe in a chilling new direction. Brace yourself as the familiar becomes a dark mirror of encroaching dread. Not for the faint of heart, this tale slithers into your psyche, planting seeds of unease about the very nature of the stories we cherish.

Confront the shadows. Unravel the whispers. Let “Grimnight Room” take you to the edge, where fiction frays and horror seeps through. This journey promises no comfort. Only a profound realization of how deep the darkness goes as our world unravels in the shadow of the Harvester and Feaster.

Enter at your own peril.


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