Thursday Jul 25, 2024

Black Demon Tales: Descent #3

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Black Demon Tales: Descent #3

When the international corporation Nixon-Ivo comes into the small fishing town of X to create a “shrimp farm,” they snatch up workers and slowly shut other boats out of business. Juan and Xavier de los Ángeles go out on one last desperate trip and stumble upon a new kind of shrimp that they believe will give them an edge. But even as they are caught in the crosshairs of a hurricane, they witness a massacre on the seas. For the company isn’t just running other shrimpers out of business: they are also murdering their competition. As if summoned by this spilled blood and corporate greed, the Black Demon emerges. Can a family survive a hurricane of mythical proportions that seems bent on altering the landscape of a small coastal town?


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