Wednesday Jul 24, 2024

Battle Action #1

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Battle Action #1

Blazing Battle Action on each page! Garth Ennis and Keith Burns reunite for a 10-issue maxi-series which tells the final story of Johnny Red, aerial ace! Johnny Redburn’s battle against the German Luftwaffe continues into the final year of the Second World War – but Johnny’s long war has taken a toll on him, and his bravery now edges towards recklessness. Will he make through the last months of the war? Then! In a guest feature, writer Brian K. Vaughan makes his Battle Action debut, joined by artist Chris Burnham for a shocking post-apocalyptic fable! In a hostile future London where Kids Rule, a young American boy runs for his life from a mob of xenophobic British Punks – but he has a secret weapon they aren’t expecting…


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