Friday Jun 21, 2024

Fantastic Four #21

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Fantastic Four #21

Can Marvel’s First Family formulate a cure? Reed and Alicia are in New York for a day trip to an art museum, when suddenly the skies turn black with Darkforce energy and vampires attack, everywhere, all at once! It’s Reed Richards versus the world as he tries to save everyone he can — AND come up with a cure for vampirism! But vampires are magic, illogical, and impossible. Can Reed come up with a cure? And even if he can’t, how is he going to keep all the survivors alive and safe? And can Sue, Ben, and Johnny, all alone in Arizona, keep their families safe? It’s a BLOOD HUNT tie-in you won’t want to miss as the Fantastic Four take on a world overrun with vampires!


Fantastic Four #21 Arthur Adams Variant

Fantastic Four #21 Skottie Young’s Big Marvels Variant

Fantastic Four #21 1:50 Skottie Young’s Big Marvels Black & White Virgin


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