Thursday Jul 25, 2024

Deadweights #3

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  AHOY COMICS · RELEASES JUN 5TH, 202 Deadweights #3 It’s hard out there for a pair of ex-supervillain henchmen! When Jerry and Clarence’s escape from the Paladin stronghold doesn’t go as planned, the pair gets aid from an unexpected party. Featuring the third of six “mug shot” incentive covers by Richard Pace (Second Coming), […]

Papa Duke #1

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SCOUT COMICS · RELEASES JUNE 5TH, 2024 Papa Duke #1 In development with Sony Entertainment! Papa Duke is the feared ruler of Blood World and the psychopathic leader of the Night of the Cadillac gangs. He is the Thanos of the Night Of The Cadillacs universe! Assisted by his fiendish disciple Ives, Papa Duke positions […]