Wednesday Jul 24, 2024

Bristlemouth: A Cove Horror #3

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IPI COMICS · RELEASES MAY 29TH 2024 Bristlemouth: A Cove Horror #3 Amelia flees the Bristlemouth horrors of The Cove and stress triggers awful memories of her dark medical history: both current deadly danger and past trauma batter her mind! Hayden Fryer’s poignant depictions in wash tone art draw us in deep, as this remote-locale […]

Freakier than Normal #1

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  ANTARCTIC PRESS · RELEASES MAY 29TH, 2024 Freakier than Normal #1 DIGITAL DREAMS VS. ANALOG REALITY! BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR! Mia had long wondered what she’d do if she were a video game superhero, and then a strange meteor shower grants her wish. But every hero has their villains, and the ones […]