Friday Jun 21, 2024

The Thirteen Origins: Dragonthrall #1

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SCOUT COMICS · RELEASES MAY 22ND, 2024 The Thirteen Origins: Dragonthrall #1 CHISPA: The Thirteen Origins is a series of one-shot origin stories for the members of The Thirteen, a group of Mexicans and Mexican Americans who discover they are chispas, able to wield impossible powers. Mar a Guadalupe “Lupe” Miramontes is stuck in a […]

Kent Menace VS Techofreak #1

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  BRILLIANT ENTERPRISE LCC · RELEASES MAY 15TH, 2024 Kent Menace VS Techofreak #1 He is known by many names: “Mysterious Mariner,” “Supernatural Sailor,” “Weird Hero.” He is Kent Menace, sailor of the ghostly Pangean Sea and comic book hero-turned-reality’s champion! And, from modern-day Greece to a darkly futuristic London Town, he is faced with […]

Wonder Woman #9

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DC COMICS · RELEASES MAY 21ST, 2024 Wonder Woman #9 REUNITED WITH STEVE TREVOR! The ultimate test! As Sovereign’s grip on Wonder Woman’s psyche tightens, she retreats into the arms of Steve Trevor. Will their love for the ages prove victorious over the web of Amazon lies weaved in Man’s World? Plus, Trinity lets the […]