Friday Jun 21, 2024

Gunbreed: Murder of the Talking Crows #1

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  BLOOD MOON COMICS · RELEASES JUN 5TH, 2024 Gunbreed: Murder of the Talking Crows #1 Why are there always so many damned crows in the town of Bajo Tierra? Sheriff Powder Cain is about to find out in “Murder of the Talking Crows”. Then, the townsfolk are about to get a visit from an […]

Rogues #3

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  SCOUT COMICS · RELEASES MAY 15TH, 2024 Rogues #3 The Rogues face their most eldritch challenge yet! Bram and Weasel forge an unholy alliance with the Mouth of Elders —also called Moe—in a daring quest to retrieve the Necronomicon from the Crypt of the Gods. As Lovecraftian horrors invade Gerada, an ominous omen unfolds […]